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Yamamoto Ryota Love ♥
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Yamamoto Ryota ♥
Welcome to yamamoto_ryota, a community devoted to Johnny's Junior Yamamoto Ryota (山本亮太), member of M.A.D., Butoukan (舞闘冠), and TheyBudou (They武道)!

All media posts are locked for members only, so please join the community if you wish to download.
- No bashing, including but not limited to bashing of Yamamoto Ryota, JE members, fellow fans, and other LJ users.

-Respect other fans. Comments or posts that are in any way disrespectful, derogatory, or insulting to other fans will not be tolerated. This includes profanity.

- All posts must pertain to Yamamoto Ryota.

- All posts must either be in English or, if in another language, be translated to English.

- No typing in all caps (LIKE THIS), chatspeak (liek dis), or sticky caps (LiKe ThIs).

- You must credit other users and/or must obtain permission (when applicable) before posting anything that is not your own.

- Use LJ-cuts for posts that are longer than roughly 10 lines.

-Tag all posts according to the pre-established tag system. If there is not a tag pertaining to your post, use "Other" or contact a moderator about refining the tag system.

- Lock all posts with media (music, photos, scans, videos) downloads. Membership is currently not pre-screened, so if you wish to download media, please join the community (it takes a matter of seconds).

- If posting links to your personal journal, your personal journal post may not be friend-locked, even if the community post is locked.

- Include the date and source of all media uploads.

- If you are posting large images, place put them under a LJ-cut.

- Do not upload videos to streaming sites. Shows like Shounen Club are usually promptly removed from streaming sites, and the uploading of videos from the Johnnys website will lead Johnnys to stop posting any videos. Ever.

- All fanfiction must pertain directly to Yamamoto Ryota and must have a title and rating.
Name: Yamamoto Ryota (山本亮太)
Birth date: November 14, 1989
Hometown: Chiba, Japan
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio